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You want to get a complete web site designed and programmed for your business with full support on e-mail management and product updates without the cost of permanently paying a salary and buying new equipment , then check out this business package for an virtual employee which will cost you only a fraction of what you would spend hiring an IT - Specialist.

Our business package are the simplest way for you to get your own professional web site and keep it up-to-date at all times without getting new budgets approved or receiving unexpected invoices. You get the whole package including hosting, design, email management, marketing and so much more for a low monthly fee what a webmaster would probably charge you per hour.

Each Package is customized to each client's needs
- FREE Registration of your domain name
FREE Hosting of your web site
Unlimited e-mail accounts set-up and configuration
- Web site design according to agreement
- Database interface programming
- Online Marketing of your web site, SEO & Submissions
- Extended online marketing through
Google Ads
- Web site content
updates, modifications and additions
- Smart Phone detection & Mobile Web Site



We connect your web site with Facebook and open your company's page for existing customers to connect to your business and generate new leads through their facebook family, friends and partners contacts.

Also taking it a step further with FACEBOOK PLACES, Who, What, When ... and now Where. This feature is very attractive for restaurants, bars, hotels, attractions and just and other social place you can think of, with a simple Check-In button mobiles users tell all their friends where they are at that moment so they might join.

Want to be found on the most complete mapping system platform available to the public, feeding millions of GPS systems around the globe? Our experts will add your local business location with description, contact information and directions to Google Maps and Google Earth.
* Depend on the location it might take a few weeks for final approval.
The most comprehensive web site annalistic technology provided by Google can be on your fingertips !  We will create the account for you and add necessary codes to all your web site pages, with a simple log in your marketing department will be on top of all their online marketing efforts.
A "must be on" for every tourism related business ! It's not just a source of information, it's the most trusted source for travelers around the globe. We can not only help you getting on it but also work with your marketing and sales staff to stay ahead of others by using this tool wisely.

Tripadvisor is the world's largest travel site that assists customers in gathering travel information, posting reviews and opinions of travel related content and engaging in interactive travel forums.



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